Vardar's players active with their national teams

Yesterday and today, 10 players of Vardar and 4 players of Vardar junior together with their national teams played qualification matches for the European Championship that will be held in December in Sweden.

Our players scored a total of 32 goals for their national teams in 4 matches. Macedonia played against Slovenia and convincingly lost with 17:35. Seven players from Vardar and Vardar junior were playing this match.

Sara Ristovska scored 1 goal and Dragana Petkovska did not save a shot during the 15 minutes she spent between the goal posts. The best scorer in the Macedonian national team was Teodora Keramichieva from Vardar junior with 5 goals. Natasha Nolevska scored 2 goals, Sara Mitova scored 1 goal, but Simona Stojanovska did not register on the scorers' list.

The best scorer in the Slovenian national team was Barbara Lazovic with 6 goals and the 2nd best scorer was the player that will defend Vardar's colors next season – Tamara Mevsar. She scored 5 goals.

Within the same group, Croatia defeated Montenegro with 23:22. The best player in this match was Andrea Penezic with 11 goals. Her teammate Andrea Chovic was not on the scorers' list. Within the team of Montenegro, Jovanka Radichevic scored 4 goals, Andrea Klikovac scored one goal and Itana Grbic was not efficient.

Russia defeated Denmark with 31:27 and Olga Chernoivanenko was the only Vardar's representative with one goal. France, as a guest, defeated Germany with 24:21. Siraba Dembele contributed with one goal and Amandine Leynaud with 8 saved shots. Alexandra Lacrabere, the right back that will join Vardar this summer, scored 5 goals.

Macedonia: Ristovska 1, Petkovska, Mitova 1, Keramichieva 5, Nolevska 2, Stojanovska.
Slovenia: Lazovic 6
Croatia:Penezic 11, Chovic
Montenegro: Radichevic 4, Klikovac 1, Grbic
France: Dembele 1, Leynaud 8 saves

Friday, 11 March 2016 - 13:11