Vardar won the 6th Macedonian Cup trophy

In the final, Vardar defeated Metalurg with 46:24.

Vardar's domination in Macedonia this season ended with a new trophy – the 6th Macedonian Cup trophy. Vardar is the 2nd team in the history of women's Macedonian handball to win the Macedonian Cup 6 times in a raw.
There was no uncertainty in the match against Metalurg, although Vardar played with 10 "domestic" players. The red-black team was the favorite before the start of the match.
All players got a chance to play, and Andrea Klikovac was the best scorer with 12 goals before Sazdovska with 9 and Ristovska with 8 goals.
Besides the trophy and the gold medals, all individual awards went into the hands of Vardar's players.
Jovana Micevska was the best goalkeeper. Teodora Keramichieva was the best scorer and Sara Ristovska was the best player.

Vardar – Metalurg 46-24
Vardar: Klikovac 12, Sazdovska 9, Bajramovska 3, Micevska, Keramichieva 6, Suslina, Khmyrova 2, Petrovic 6, Gichevska, Ristovska 8.

Monday, 21 May 2018 - 22:57