Vardar with two new top reinforcements

Vardar will start the new season 2016/17 with two new reinforcements – the Norwegian player Camilla Herrem and the French Alexandra Lacrabere. Herrem is one of the best players of the world champion Norway and she was the 2nd best scorer within the national team on the last WC with 38 goals scored in 9 matches. She will play on the left wing position, while Lacrabere will play on the right back position in Vardar.

According to her contract, Harrem will be Vardar's member in the next 2 seasons, and Lacrebere will stay at least one season, with a possibility for extension of her contract. Vardar is the first sports club in Macedonia that managed to recruit a handball player from Scandinavia, which means that Macedonian clubs are attractive for Scandinavian athletes.

"Vardar is breaking taboos and we are the 1st Macedonian club that managed to recruit a player from Norway. Of course, we are proud that such an athlete with many successes has chosen to become our member. Vardar is becoming attractive for top athletes with ambitions to reach the top, which is also our goal. We know that Camilla and Alexandra will adjust fast, and we hope on many new successes during their stay in Skopje" - said Davor Stojanovski, the Executive Director of Vardar.

The left wing Herrem comes from the Danish team of Holstebro. With this team she plays this year's Challenge Cup and she has been part of the Champions' League in the past 10 years. She has won European and World Championship medals, and she also has an Olympic medal. She won her last gold medal on the WC 2015 in Denmark. She has played 174 matches for the Norwegian national team, scored 448 goals and she has won a total of 8 medals.

For her, the coming to Vardar will represent a come back on the "big screen" and a chance to win the most wanted trophy. She had already been introduced to all members of the club and she has only good words about everyone.

"The possibility to play for Vardar is something that must be respected. It has been one of the best teams in Europe in the past few years, and I still have ambitions for winning titles and personally improve. My agent and I were in Skopje and we were impressed by the conditions the club offers. It seems that all conditions for improvement of the players are satisfied. I cannot wait to move to Skopje and acquaint the city and the people, especially the fantastic fans you have" - says Camilla Herrem.

Alexandra Lacrabere is a French national team player and plays on the right back position. She has played in Nice for the 2nd year in a raw. She is the 2nd best scorer in the national championship this season with 78 goals scored in 12 matches, or 6.5 goals per match. She has played the Champions' League with the team of Zvezda Zvenigorod and she won a bronze medal on the EC 2006 and a silver medal on the WC 2011. She says that she has heard good words about Vardar and will come to satisfy her ambitions.

"I am very happy and proud of the possibility to come to Vardar. In my opinion, Vardar is one of the best clubs in Europe and a candidate for the Champions' League title. I talked to my friends that played for Vardar and they told me about the high level of professionalism in the club. Also, we have the same ambitions" - said Lacrabere.

Alexandra Lacrabere
Position: Right back
Age: 28
National team: France (140 matches/370 goals)
Career: Bordes (2002-06), Begles (2006-08), Bera Bera (2008-09), Toulouse (2009-10), Arvor (2010-12), Zvezda Zvenigorod (2012-13), Mios-Biganos (2013-14), Nice (2014-2016), Vardar(2016-)
Seasons within the Champions' League (1): 2012-13 (Zvezda Zvenigorod)
Titles: Champion of France with Arvor (2012), French Cup with Arvor (2012), Spanish Cup with Bera Bera (2009), bronze medal EC 2006, silver medal WC 2011.

Camilla Herrem
Position: Left wing
Age: 29
National team: Norway (174 matches/448 goals)
Career: Sola (2002-2006), Byasen (2006-2014), Baia Mare (2014-2015), Holstebro (2015-2016), Vardar (2016-)
Seasons within the Champions' League (10): 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 (Byasen), 2014-15 (Baia Mare).
Titles: Norwegian Cup (2007), gold medal Olympic Games 2012, gold medal WC 2011, 2015, gold medal EC 2008, 2010, 2014, silver medal EC 2012, bronze medal WC 2009.

Thursday, 4 February 2016 - 14:35