Two Vardar’s coaches granted with “Master coach” diploma

Vardar got its first licensed coaches who were granted with the highest "Mater coach" diploma. Sime Simovski and Ace Stankovski successfully passed the envisioned modules, and by participating and defending their theses in Croatia, they were granted with this license.
Although not yet mandatory, soon all coaches will have to have this "Master coach" diplomas for guiding teams in European cups, as well as national teams.
Sime Simovski is the coach of women's team of Vardar Junior and the head coach of the women's national team. This season, Ace Stankovski was the assistant coach of the men's team of Vardar Junior, and previously he worked with the senior men's and women's team of Vardar.
We congratulate them both and we wish them success in their professional career.

Monday, 11 June 2018 - 11:40