Second silver medal for Vardar

The extra time was again Vardar's obstacle on their road to the Champions' League title. Again, they played extra time against Gyori and won the silver medal. In the F4 final, Gyori defeated Vardar with 27:26 (20:20, 9:9).

Gyori is the first team to defend the Champions' League title within its new format. Vardar is the only team to play five F4 tournaments, but they did not succeed to win the title.
Maybe it would have been different if the last attack ended with a goal, but the shot of Andrea Chanadjija was saved by Eva Kiss. Just like last year, we had the chance to win the match in its regular time, but in the last 9 seconds we did not score, and the referees whistled "steps."
There is always uncertainty in extra time, and those with "clear heads" usually have the advantage. Eduarda Amorim scored 4 goals in those extra 10 minutes, of which 3 in the first extra time. We lost several balls, and the opponent used that. Gyori reached a lead of 26:23 in the 2nd minute of the 2nd extra time, and it seemed like it was the end. However, we returned in the game and showed we have strength for a turnover, but we lost focus in the last seconds.
Two different halves of the regular part of the match. In the 1st half, Gyori was better. They had a lead on halftime, which could have been in our favour. We were not used to the referees' criteria for a "manly game" and the host used that well.
Amandine Leynaud saved 16 shots, but that was not enough for the winning the gold medal. Vardar had an advantage in the 2nd half, which could have been crowned with a victory, but we did not score, as we did not last year.
However, Vardar will be the only team that won medals on all F4 tournaments – 3 bronze and 2 silver medals.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 - 16:02