Leynaud: The number of saves is not important, winning is important

For the 2nd season in a raw Vardar will play the Champions' League final, and again against Gyori. The red-black team defeated Rostov with 25:19 in the semi-final.
Amandine Leynaud saved 18 shots, of which 11 in the 1st half.
"Rostov is an excellent team and we had problems, but luckily we played a great match and deservedly won. The number of saves is not important, the placement in the final is important. I am proud of my team. We have to make the last step for our biggest wish to come true. I like winning titles. I want to win this year with Vardar, and next year with Gyori" – said Amandine Leynaud.
Our opponent in the final is Gyori, the same one from last year. Now we have a chance to pay them back for last year's defeat in extra time.
"I am happy to play the final, although I am a bit sad that we played exactly against Rostov in the semi-final. We will play again with Gyori in the final. Compared to last year, we are more experienced now. What we have to change to play better in defence is to score more goals from counter attacks" – said Irina Dibirova, Vardar's coach.
The final will be played tomorrow at 18:00.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 - 15:46