Last year’s repetition: Vardar and Gyori in the F4 final

Last year's Champions' League F4 final will be repeated this year. Vardar will fight for the gold medal for the 2nd time in a raw after defeating Rostov with 25:19 (10:7).

Vardar's opponent in the final will be the team of Gyori. The Hungarians defeated CSM Bucuresti with 28:20. The final will be a repetition of last year's final between Vardar and Gyori.
At the very beginning, Vardar showed their decisiveness to win the match and take the chance to win the title. They had a constant lead and announced placement in the final. Leynaud saved 11 shots and enabled a precise attack for our girls.
Cvijic was stopped and our team played through the backs. Nevertheless, our players scored goals from a distance and that way we ruined the game of Rostov. We had a lead of 10:7 on halftime, a motive to continue what we started and end with a triumph.
Our girls continued the good game in the 2nd half. The defence players were dedicated to each ball. Leynaud was excellent and our team was focused in attack. Rostov did not give up the intention to ruin our placement in the final, and in the 47th minute they reduced our lead to 15:13.
However, that was only temporary. Penezic scored for 16:13, Rostov missed, and 10 minutes to the end Lazovic scored for 17:13. Both teams fought for every ball, and it seemed that it was easier for Vardar because almost all of their shots ended up in the rival's net. Penezic was unstoppable.
In the 55th minute we had a lead of 4 goals (20:16) and Dragana Cvijic was suspended. The Russian coach called for a timeout, as well as our coach a bit later.
Rostov scored from the 7-meter line, and we started the last 5 minutes with a lead of 3 goals. We played without a goalkeeper, which Jovanka Radichevic used and scored for 21:17. Both teams were scoring, and we managed to keep the advantage of 4 goals.
When Inna Suslina saved the penalty of Yekaterina Ilyina, and Andrea Lekic scored, the celebration on the bench started. Vardar had a lead of 23:18 when Penezic scored a "zeppelin" goal. Vardar was already celebrating, and they only needed to finish the last 90 seconds of the match.
We conceded one goal, and we scored one. The game in defence was excellent.



Tuesday, 15 May 2018 - 15:36