Dibirova: I am proud of the palyers

In their 5th attempt to win the European title, Vardar won the silver medal on the Champions' League F4 tournament. Vardar played extra time just like last year, and again missed the gold medal. Gyori won with 27:26 (20:20, 9:9).
"We have been preparing for this match during the whole season. I am proud of the players. They fought until the last second and realized everything that was agreed. However, we did not make it at the end. We did not have luck tonight. I wish the girls lots of luck in future. I am proud of them and thankful for coaching this team" – said Irina Dibirova on the press conference.
Amandine Leynaud was the MVP of the F4 tournament. She could not hide her tears while explaining the match.
"We wanted to win so bad, but you saw it was a difficult match. We have been preparing for the title, which all of us wanted really bad, but Gyori had the quality and more luck to win the title again. We are sorry that in the last season, this team did not succeed to win the title" – said Amandine Leynaud.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 - 16:12