Ilina: An invitation from a club like Vardar cannot be missed

To play in a team, which has been one of the best 3 teams in Europe for 3 years in a raw, and a constant member of the Champions' League is a challenge for any player. Younger players would probably give anything to play matches within such a team as Vardar is. For the Belorussian national payer Diana Ilina, the invitation to be member of our club fulfilled many of her wishes. Now, it is up to her to justify the given confidence and show that we did not make a wrong choice.

She should remain in our club in the next 3 season and she is the 5th new player in our team. She is 20 years old and has been a member of the Belorussian national team since she was 17. She comes from the champion of this country, Gomel, and she ended the season by winning 2 titles – the national and the Baltic regional league. She played for the Russian team of Astrakhanochka past autumn, and then she returned to Gomel.
In 2014/15, she scored 13 goals for Astrakhanochka in the EHF Cup, and that season, she won the 3rd place in the Russian national championship. She played in Gomel from 2012 until 2014, and then she was transferred to Astrakhanochka. She has been playing for the senior Belorussian national team since 2013.

*You came in a European club with great ambitions. It is probably a dream come true for you.

"I know so little about Vardar, except the matches I watched in the Champions' League. Vardar is really a great club with big ambitions. As any other player's dream, mine is also to play in the Champions' League, and I am happy I got the chance. I will give my best, because this is an offer you cannot miss. A very good opportunity for me as a young player is to be part of Vardar and play difficult matches. It is a good chance to try and feel this game quality" – says Ilina.

* You have been here for a short time, because you went immediately to Slovenia. What are your first impressions of the team, the working conditions, and did the girls accept you?

"I did not have time to see the city, but of what I saw, I like it, especially the hall and the working conditions. Everything is on top level. All girls accepted me well. I still have minor problems with the language, but I do understand the content and the girls always help me. For now, I do not think of my timing in the court."

* What do you expect from Vardar?

"I cannot say what will be my timing, but I am happy to practice and play with top players. I believe I will improve soon, raise my self-esteem and play more matches."

* You played in Astrakhanochka, and this season we share the group with them in the Champions' League. What kind of team is it, and what information could you give to Vardar's players?

"I played in Astrakhanochka one and a half year. I am happy I started my career there. I learned a lot from this team. They have great ambitions and wonderful young players. They also have many fans. I am sure I will be able to help Vardar in all matches against this team" – said Ilina.

Friday, 26 August 2016 - 16:39