Herrem: I train and play with the best. What more to ask for?

The Norwegian Camilla Herrem has won 9 medals with her national team. She has played 192 matches for the national team and scored 513 goals. She has played the Champions' League, but still has not won the trophy. She hopes she will win it with Vardar.

* You are the first Norwegian player to play in Macedonia. Such a thing could not have been imagined in the past.

"Times have changed and I think it is good to try something new. I played in Norway until I was 27 years old, and then I wanted to try something new. Vardar is a professional club, and the Champions' League is very important for me. There are many good players here, and that is excellent. I train with some of the best players in the world. What more to ask for?

* What was decisive for your transfer to Vardar?

"The Champions' League. I want to win the title. I want to train hard and with the best players. The hall is also excellent. You have everything you need on one place. I have never played here, but I hear that people who support the team make excellent atmosphere on every match. I like that. The cheering from the stands gives energy to the team."

* Probably some of your friends have asked you about your decision to play in Vardar. Do you think you made the right choice, and what do you expect from your stay in Skopje?

"They did not ask much about my coming here because they know what a team Vardar is, and they know my goals. I think the choice is right, although I have been here for a week. All girls are good, I have an excellent coach, and everything is very professional. That is very important for me."

* Now, you probably have a clearer picture of the team, the city, your teammates, the training center and the conditions. Are your expectations fulfilled?

"Many things are as I expected, but I was not prepared for one thing, the traffic jam in Skopje. There are always many cars on the streets, and the city is big. I lost myself many times while driving, but thank God, I live in the same building with Khmyrova and Suslina, and they really help me."

* You played two matches against Larvik. The first impression is that Vardar is strong this season.

"It was fun to play against Larvik. I know them very well. I have not defeated them since the Cup in 2007, and now we won two matches in a raw. That was very special for me, although it was a friendly match. I know we have a strong team, with many good players who I really respect. I am glad that we will train in September together and become even stronger."

* You came to Skopje as a great reinforcement for Vardar and you share the playing position with Tamara Mavsar. It is a strong competition.

"Every team should have more good players, so why should be different with my position. I respect all players in the team. I think Tamara is a good player, and so are the other girls. The most important for Tamara and me is to be good teammates on the left wing position, to help each other, and talk to each other. We all have the same common goal."

* Vardar played the F4 tournament in Budapest three times. It is not a challenge any more. We all want something more, even a title. Are you prepared for such a pressure?

"Pressure will make you stronger if you adequately use your energy. I think we are all used to some kind of pressure, whether it comes from the club or the national team. As long as it does not distract you from important things, I think everyone plays better under pressure."

* Your comment on our group in the Champions 'League.

"It is a difficult group, as it should be, but we have to think more of ourselves, and not about other teams. If we play good and give our best in every match and every second, it will be hard for any team to defeat us. I believe in my team and my coach and I hope we will achieve our goal."

Friday, 9 September 2016 - 23:44